The choreography begins with the concept of Sakthi, the universal energy symbolized by the Mother Goddess. No matter ever comes into action without Sakthi. The king of Dance, lord Siva represents the universal matter. Their unison is every action we perceive in the universe. Thus, the living world cannot be conceived in the absence of such harmonious unity. This scientific concept is well corroborated by the first verse in Aadi Sankaracharya's Soundaryalahari, which commences with the words… Sivassakthya yuktho yadi bhavati saktha:

The choreography continues with the verse from Taithareeya Upanishad which explains the union of matter with energy evolved the five elements, the panchabhootas, sky, wind, fire, earth and water. From this great amalgam of the five elements evolved the floral world that still stand as the source of nutrition for the world of fauna which evolved in due course. The highest evolved animal is Human, in whom each cell pulsates with matter and energy. Every Human is a microcosm, a prototype of the universe which is the macrocosm.